MEG produces electronic equipment  in outsourcing in both its Italian and Hungarian production sites, guaranteeing clients top quality, precise delivery times and competitive prices.

Experience acquired over the years, along with continual innovation and use of cutting edge technological machinery, make MEG the ideal partner for small or large companies wanting to outsource a part of their production with guaranteed reliability and flexibility.

The capacity to provide a full service, from design to production and direct delivery, enables MEG to operate in synergy with client organisations.


If the client requests it, MEG can assist it from the design stage of new products, even if technologically complex. The feasibility analysis and creation of prototypes are part of the design stage; carried out by MEG Italia in close collaboration with the client and with great care over each detail.
Its partnership with clients includes a preliminary study to optimise each future production aspect.


Continual technological updating is what the top quality of MEG production is based on. Production processes are optimised systematically also based on quality control results, the search for new solutions to perfect production in progress. Product engineering , a fundamentally important activity for the quality/price ratio, is the result of a number of complex activities: from choosing the most suitable technologies, to the correct assembly and handling sequence, all implemented through automation, right up to testing and quality control.


The production technology adopted is the result of ongoing process optimisation carried out using the most modern machinery.
Purchasing materials is a considerable slice of the turnover of each EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service). In MEG, purchases are based on clear, lasting relations with selected suppliers, guaranteeing benefits for end customers in terms of punctual delivery, product quality and price.


Packaging of outgoing boards, storage up to delivery and direct “time to market” shipment are part of the logistics process studied by MEG for its clients, as part of the last stage of the automatic production process. A number of company vehicles guarantee delivery of materials, with times and methods agreed in advance with clients.